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Best Cooking Classes in Washington DC: Learn From Top Chefs


Cooking is just a fun hobby for some of us, but some have the courage, patience, and tenacity to take it to the next level. When you sign up for a cooking class, your culinary journey takes an inevitable turn. As you excel in cooking with exceptional dishes, you will realize that cooking is no longer a hobby for you: It is a passion! If you live here in the DMV area, here are some of the best cooking classes in Washington, DC.


Address: 1300 I Street Northwest, Suite 400E Washington, DC, 20005

Phone: (202) 905-2991


One of the top-rated cooking schools in Washington, DC, Cozymeal has a cooking class for everyone, including Latin American cuisine, Asian flavors, Southern soul food, and French, Italian & Spanish classics. Some of their classes allow you to join with your partner, spouse or friend.

Local chefs on Cozymeal’s team help you improve your cooking skills and acquire new techniques through east instructions in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment. You are even allowed to bring your own wine or beer to some of the classes to sip during the session.

Table at Home

Address: Washington, DC 20814


Operating in the District and the broader DMV area since 2017, Table at Home is the perfect source for both hiring top-class private chefs for dinner parties and taking private cooking classes. You can learn anything from the basics of traditional European cuisine to sushi preparation from these chefs.

To arrange a cooking lesson as a group event or family activity, you need to make a free request and set a budget. You get to choose from among several private chefs who propose their menus and prices to you. Then the chef you select will come to your place with all the required ingredients and even clean up after the session is over.

UNO Pizzeria & Grill Cooking Class

Address: 50 Massachusetts Avenue, Northeast Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 842-0438


Headquartered in Norwood, MA, and serving at 100 restaurants in 20 states, the District of Columbia, and even abroad, including India, Honduras, and Saudi Arabia, UNO Pizzeria provides some of the best cooking classes to DC area residents.

If you are a pizza enthusiast, you should consider these classes that teach you how to create the perfect deep dish pizza from scratch at the restaurant that invented deep dish back in 1943 at its Chicago location. Classes are not private, but can be arranged for groups of eight or more.

Social Kitchen

Address: 5505 Colorado Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20011

Phone: (202) 670-3060


With its cooking classes, Social Kitchen aims to bring the community together and create a bond between people of diverse backgrounds through their shared love for food. The restaurant, which operates with the motto is “Cook. Eat. Connect.”, is a black-owned business with a friendly owner and chef.

The popular neighborhood hang-out is particularly known for its delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, healthy smoothies, as well as its scrumptious carrot cake. In addition to cooking classes, Social Kitchen holds pop-ups and social events centering around culinary arts.

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