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Best Counseling and Mental Health Services in Washington DC


Each and every one of us go through hard times and struggle in life from time to time. With the addition of the pandemic and countless restrictions that has become our daily lives because of it did not make it any easier for us. If you are in the DMV area and looking for first-class professional support, these are the best counseling services in Washington, DC.

The Viva Center

Address: 1633 Q St., NW, Suite 200 Washington DC, 20009

Phone: (202) 265-1000


Established in 2010, the Dupont Circle center offers support for individuals suffering depression, anxiety, trauma, and other conditions. Two dozen therapists at the center provide a high-quality service for clients by designing a plan according to your specific needss. The team specializes in empathetic, empowerment-based treatment combined with advanced neuropsychology. All therapists receive the center’s Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice certificate program.


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DC Life Consultant

Address: 1633 Q St., NW, Suite 200, Washington DC, 20009

Phone: (202) 667-0665


With his vast experience, Jim Weinstein, a licensed psychotherapist, provides counseling services to help his clients build fulfilling careers and happier lives through certain techniques that will keep them focused and motivated. To solve people’s job-related issues and advance their career, he also uses his experiences gained during his career as a marketing expert and as an executive of a number of non-profit organizations. 

Hannah Braunstein, LICSW

Address: 3000 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 301 Washington DC, 20008

Phone: (917) 292-4230


Specializing in mindfulness/meditation, self-esteem issues and shame, relationship and attachment issues, trauma and EMDR, PTSD, depression, and Brainspotting psychotherapy, Hannah Braunstein aims at activating your self-healing and self-righting capacities while going through tough times. As opposed to traditional talk therapy, her “experiential” work helps clients physically connect to their feelings, which is a highly effective approach. 

Sara Oliveri Coaching

Address: 1112 16th St, NW, Ste 600 Washington DC, 20036

Phone: (202) 681-5483


Serving DMV area residents since 2011, Sara Oliveri provides life coaching to help clients improve their relationships, career, self-confidence, and more. Thanks to her master’s degree in positive psychology and her experience, clients are able to identify their own strengths and understand the reasons behind their fears, values, beliefs, and personality. She helped open the American School of Professional Life Coaching DC in 2015 and she offers training for potential life coaches. She also taught at George Mason University.

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