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Where to Eat Best Shawarma in Washington DC


If you are craving some juicy shawarma in the nation’s capital, rest assured that you have some wonderful options at hand. This is our list of the best shawarma places in Washington DC.

Shawarma District

Address: 818 18th St NW, Washington DC 

Phone: (202) 846-7450


The restaurant that specializes in authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine offers great shawarma at reasonable prices. You can enjoy either meat shawarma (made of lamb and beef) or chicken shawarma, as well as kafta (ground lamb and beef) and falafel. You can also place your order online. Catering services are available.


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Little Sesame

Address: (202) 975-1971

Phone: 1828 L St NW, Washington DC 


Started by fine dining cooks in 2016, the environment-friendly business is home to some of the best chicken shawarma in town. You may also consider giving a try to other delights such as their signature hummus bowls, fattoush salad, pita sandwiches, grilled cheese pitas, or light desserts. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options (like cauliflower shawarma) can be found here.


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Address: 1346 4th St SE, Washington DC 

Phone: (202)921-9592


The Michelin-starred restaurant, which is located in DC’s Navy Yard neighborhood, is a top-notch spot to enjoy shawarma. Led by owner and chef Michael Rafidi, the business has been featured in prestigious publications such as Eater DC, Esquire, and the Washington Post, as one of the best new restaurants in DC. Make sure to book a table before your visit.


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Yafa Grille

Address: 1205 19th St NW, Washington DC 

Phone: (202) 750-6689 


Yafa Grille has been offering Middle Eastern cuisine in the District since 2015. Both chicken shawarma and traditional shawarma are available, in addition to hummus, pita wraps, salads, rice bowls, and baklava for dessert. Vegetarians and vegans may opt for soups or Yafa Grille’s unique veggie-based sandwiches.


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George’s king of Falafel & Cheesesteak

Address: 1205 28th St NW, Washington DC 

Phone: (202) 342-2278


Operating in its Georgetown location since 1982, the family-owned business serves residents with Middle Eastern dishes. They primarily take pride in their scrumptious shawarmas, cheesesteaks, falafel, and crepes. You have both the options of shawarma wraps (chicken or beef) or shawarma plates, as well as appetizers like hummus, tabouleh, and greens salad.

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