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Best Speech Therapy Centers in Washington DC


Speech impediments or disorders may be a massive obstacle to building self-confidence. Whether it is you or your kid who is suffering such communication problems, you should know that it is probably treatable. Read on to discover the best speech therapy centers in Washington DC.

District Speech and Language Therapy

Address: 1300 I St, #400E, NW Washington DC

Phone: (202) 579-4448


Led by clinically certified speech language pathologist Jennifer Branchini, the center offers speech therapy for both children and adults. The multi-disciplinary team provides solutions for issues such as accent modification, articulation disorders, fluency disorders, aphasia, and dysarthria. They also help clients with speech difficulties related to autism spectrum disorders.


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The Speech Space

Address: 2141 Wisconsin Ave, Unit M, NW Washington DC 

Phone: (202) 643-8250​


The Speech Space specializes in apraxia, language delays, speech delays, autism, and feeding issues in children. They design their treatment programs individually based on each child’s unique needs. Sessions take place either in their office rooms, which feature a variety of toys and games or the child’s home, school, preschool, or daycare via visiting therapists. 


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Capitol Kids Therapy

Address: 201 Massachusetts Ave, C-9, NE Washington DC

Phone: (202) 544-5469


The Capitol Hill therapy center has been serving DC area families and their kids up to 12 years of age since 2000. Services include speech therapy, language therapy, feeding therapy, oral motor & articulation therapy, reading, and written language therapy. You may opt for a comprehensive evaluation which is a combination of testing and clinical observations or a classroom observation that will be performed at your child’s school.  


Address: Washington DC, 20012

Phone: (202) 306-0505 


Specializing in children up to five years of age, SpeechKids offers assistance in speech delays, along with other disorders like feeding difficulties, picky eating, hearing loss, dysarthria, stuttering, articulation issues, phonological disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and apraxia. Online group coaching for parents and caregivers is provided, as well.

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