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Best Washington DC Food Bloggers You Should Follow


Food enthusiasts in the DMV area, just like everywhere else, often rely on advice from other people when selecting a restaurant to visit. And it is always a good idea to receive such advice from someone who takes “eating” seriously. Some food bloggers do a perfect job in that sense. Here are some of the best Washington, DC food bloggers in our opinion.

Rick Eats DC:


One of the most popular Washington, DC food bloggers, Rick Eats DC is run by Rick, who is originally from Minneapolis and grew up in a family of restaurateurs. Traveling with his wife and three kids, he goes anywhere to follow his passion for food.

In his blog, you can read his weekly analyses titled “The Best Things I Ate This Week,” a Best of DC section, which gives you ideas about where to find the best falafel, best matzo ball soup, best cheap eats, best burgers, or the best pizza in Washington, DC.

You can also ask Rick your questions via his website. In addition to the regularly updated blog, you can follow Rick Eats DC on Instagram and Twitter.

Black Girls Eat DC:


Cornelia Poku, who describes herself as a communications professional and “writer exploring DC through food,” shares her experiences with the food scene of Washington, DC on Instagram.

Poku started her Instagram micro blog in 2018 to experiment with social media while still continuing her professional career. While dining with her friends at first, she went solo as her follower count kept growing.

Now almost 12,000 followers enthusiastically wait for her next post, which will feature mouth-watering pictures of what she tasted, along with her recommendations, and is likely to receive hundreds of likes. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Been There Eaten That


In her blog “Been There Eaten That,” Lori Bierman Gardner reviews restaurants in both downtown DC and the DMV area, as well as from around the nation and abroad. Based in Washington, DC, Gardner even has a restaurant wish list for the DC area that she is trying to keep up with through her dining journey.

The blog, which offers reviews of DC, Maryland and Virginia eateries in an alphabetical order, is also featured on the dining and restaurant discovery platform Zomato. You can also find a list of Gardner’s favorite kosher restaurants on the website.

What Micky Eats


“I am no food critic – just an average girl who enjoys eating out,” says Micky about herself. She prefers sharing her experiences of restaurants that she reads about or just stumbles upon in the greater Washington, DC area.

Also being a keen traveler, Micky sometimes publishes reviews on restaurants she visits elsewhere around the nation, as well as in other countries like the Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, South Korea, and Spain.

The blog features a collection of top 10 lists of DC area restaurants for each year since 2009, a calendar of upcoming food events, and recipes from local restaurants that can be made at home.

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