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Capital One Arena Will Become Voting Super Center, Wizards Say


The Washington Wizards announced that Capital One Arena will turn into a voting super center for November’s presidential election in an Instagram post, where they encouraged DC area residents to go to the polls.

“Capital One Arena will be a voting super center. Bradley Beal joined Monumental Sports, Vote 4 DC, and Capital One for today’s announcement at Capital One Arena,” said the message shared along with a video.

Wizards shooting guard Beal delivered a speech on Thursday at the Capital One Arena during a voting promotion event organized by the DC Board of Elections and Monumental Sports and Entertainment, which owns and operates the Capital One Arena.

Beal announced that he would vote in November for the first time, calling on everyone to do the same.

“I was that individual four years ago. I was someone who didn’t take registration seriously, who didn’t think my vote counted. What other ways can you impact change other than voting?” he said. “We all have the right. Everyone fought for that right.”

Beal added that he is planning to cast his vote by mail.

The move comes as a joint effort by Monumental Sports and the District’s elections board. It aims at providing DC voters with more space so that they can properly maintain social distancing while casting their ballots and waiting in line ahead of it, both for early voting and on Election Day.

Some of the more than 100 polling stations in the area are not spacious enough for social distancing, according to election officials. In addition, a number of schools and churches which are supposed to house polling places are closed due to the coronavirus crisis.

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