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‘Crafty Arts & Makers Festival’ by City Paper Celebrates 16th Year


Crafty Arts & Makers Festival organized annually by Washington City Paper will give D.C. residents once again the opportunity to discover unique items from independent artists at its 16th edition on September 28-29.

In return for an entry fee of between $5 – $13, attendees are promised to be brought together with artists, visionaries and creatives from all walks of life, and offered “rare products they won’t find anywhere else” along with “a shopping experience unlike any other.”

“If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind gift or shopping for something that can add a little personality to your home, Crafty D.C. is the place to be,” the event brief says.

“It’s where you can strike up a conversation with vendors and learn more about their design and production processes. It’s where you can stumble upon unexpected gems and wonder how you ever lived without them. And maybe, just maybe, it’s where you’ll be inspired to get crafty yourself.”

The Akridge Lot at Buzzard Point (at 1880 2nd St SW), which hosts the event, is scheduled to open its doors at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

The Washington City Paper, D.C. metropolitan area’s alternative weekly newspaper, has been holding the fair every year. The outlet is in its 39th year of publication.

The weekly describes its role in the society as a “guide to cultural and civic life in the District,” adding that it focuses more on features (rather than news) on topics such as urban issues, politics, arts and entertainment, restaurants and sports.

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