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Two DC Police Officers Sue Trump Over January 6 Insurrection


Two DC police officers have filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump in connection with the injuries they suffered during the US Capitol riot on January 6 last year. 

In their joint lawsuit, Bobby Tabron and DeDivine Carter of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) claim that Trump incited, directed, and aided and abetted the Capitol rioters who committed violent acts targeting law enforcement officers.

Tabron’s wrist was reportedly broken during scuffles on that day and he has been suffering from insomnia and night terrors, according to the case files. He is also slightly slurring his words because of a concussion he experienced after being repeatedly struck in the head by the insurrectionists.

Officer Carter was hit with poles and exposed to bear spray multiple times throughout the day, which caused him to vomit on himself due to his mask being saturated.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, January 4 in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. The pair is seeking damages for their injuries that amount to $75,000 each. 

Another plaintiff in a similar suit filed against the former president is US Capitol Police Officer Marcus Moore, who accuses him of inflicting physical and emotional injuries on January 6.

After the Capitol attack, Moore has received therapy, however, he is still experiencing depression, in addition to other medical conditions such as sleep disturbance, the officer explained in the court documents.

Moore, who says he feared for his life while he was fighting off the rioters, is demanding that Trump pay his medical bills.

Nearly two dozen Capitol Police officers sued Trump with similar demands early in 2021.

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