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DC Brings Back All Parking Enforcement Starting June 1


The District is ending its temporary relaxation in parking enforcement that was in place during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning Tuesday, June 1.

The move comes as part of DC’s resumption of some government functions suspended due to the public health emergency.

It includes towing illegally parked vehicles (along with the associated fines), and requirements to renew vehicle registrations and inspections, all of which had been halted over the past year.

Among other enforcement relating to drivers that will restart on June 1 are as follows:

  • All parking enforcement
  • Street sweeping and SWEEP enforcement
  • Vehicles must display valid DC registration and inspection stickers
  • New tiered residential parking permit fees
  • Parking, photo, and/or minor moving violation tickets issued after June 1 will be subject to adjudication hearing timelines listed on the back of the ticket

Starting July 1, vehicles with two or more unsatisfied tickets that are 60 days old will be booted, all DC driver licenses and ID Card must be up-to-date, renewal applications will be accepted for occupational and professional licenses, and DC medical cannabis program patient or caregiver registration card must have a valid expiration date.

“We know we can expect to see more activity on our roads and sidewalks, and these enforcement mechanisms are one way we can make our transportation network more efficient, restart important government services, and help protect residents and visitors as they move around D.C.,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said last month about the decision.

DC has also launched a four-month ticket amnesty program, which runs from June 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021, and includes tickets issued before September 30, 2021.

Through the program, drivers will have the opportunity to pay outstanding tickets for parking, photo enforcement (including speed, red-light, and stop sign), and minor moving violations.

Eligible tickets can be paid online, in person by appointment, or by mail during the four-month period.

The program will waive penalties, but drivers are still required to pay the original ticket amount. Department of Public Works (DPW) tow and storage fees will not be waived.

“In addition to getting many drivers in compliance with their ticket obligations, the amnesty program will help District residents pay their outstanding tickets so they can obtain a REAL ID credential and obtain assistance if they face financial hardship due to the pandemic,” according to Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure Lucinda Babers.

For detailed information on the amnesty program, click here.

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