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DC to Grant Restaurants $6,000 for Winter Outdoor Dining Arrangements


The coronavirus pandemic has affected the restaurant industry, and while they start to recover, the upcoming winter may limit dining options all over again. In response, Washington, DC will provide a grant to street diners and restaurants to enable outdoor dining options in the winter.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the city will allot $4 million for the Streatery Winter Ready Grant Program which aims to grant $6,000 for restaurants in winterizing their dining areas. The restaurants can use the fund to purchase tents, heaters, propane gas for the winter, along with additional furniture, lighting, and advertising signage.

“Businesses have been reimagining their outdoor spaces to increase seating capacity, and we have been working throughout the pandemic to cut red tape and provide funding to support this hard-hit industry,” said Mayor Bowser. She envisions that the renovations of the restaurants will encourage people to continue supporting the establishments and help keep employees at work.

DC Prioritizes Local Diners

The Streatery Winter Ready Grant Program was envisioned for local restaurants, and under the terms, all independent and locally-owned businesses may apply. However, non-local franchises are ineligible.

“DC residents and businesses are resilient, and Mayor Bowser has directed us to do all that we can to support residents and businesses weather the pandemic,” said John Falcicchio, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

To be eligible for the $6,000, businesses must be majority-owned and serviced by DC residents (50 percent or higher). Also, over 50 percent of the gross receipts should originate from DC.

Beneficiaries of the grant are also required to submit their expenditures, along with receipts and invoices. 

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