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DC Statehood Gets Little Support from Americans in New Poll


Sixty four percent of the U.S. population are against the idea of granting Washington, D.C. the status of statehood, while 29 percent are in favor of it, according to a study published on Monday. 

The D.C.-based polling company Gallup, which is behind the survey, pointed out that the results were consistent with the outcomes of previous polls conducted by other firms. 

Individuals from left-leaning political groups seemed to show higher support for D.C. statehood, compared to right-leaning ones.

Among the high-support groups are self-described liberals (40 percent) and Democrats (39 percent). Republicans and conservatives were among the least supportive subgroups with 15 percent and 14 percent, respectively. “Independents” expressed support of 30 percent. 

The news sparked reaction from D.C. residents and others over social media messages, some accusing those objecting to D.C. statehood of “racism” or “white supremacism.”

The survey took place from June 19-30, ahead of the upcoming congressional hearings on a bill aiming to make the District the 51st state of the country in order to provide voting Congress representation for 700,000 residents of the city. The bill was sponsored by non-voting delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and more than 200 others.

A hearing on the bill at the House was originally scheduled for July 24, however, it was delayed until the fall due to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony

D.C. statehood is thought to have a chance of success in the House because of support from Democrats, as opposed to the Republican-led Senate.

Another survey released in early June found that 36 percent of U.S. voters think both D.C. and Puerto Rico should gain statehood.

Virginia AG Mark Herring Takes Action to Support Statehood of DC

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