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National Zoo Keepers Rejoice Over Newborn Cheetah Cubs


The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is enjoying the latest additions to the family, after their four-year-old cheetah gave birth to two cubs earlier this month.

On Friday, the Zoo revealed the gender of the cubs, saying they are both male.  

The two were born on October 3 at the Zoo’s Conservation Biology Institute’s Front Royal, Virginia, campus. They are the first litter of cubs of their mother, Amani.  

The Zoo’s “Cheetah Cub Cam” enables animal enthusiasts to monitor Amani and the cheetah cubs in their natural habitat as the mother nurses her babies or snuggles with them. 

According to keepers, the two-week-old cubs, who have already started gaining weight, are spending every night with their mother as they are unable to regulate their own body temperatures at this stage. 

Amani left the cubs alone willingly, giving keepers the chance to weigh them on Monday, October 10 and Thursday, October 13. Each weighed approximately 2.5 pounds, which was ideal for 10-day-old cheetahs.

In the meantime, the National Zoo is preparing to host “Boo at the Zoo,” a family-friendly Halloween event at the facility, which is scheduled for October 28, 29 and 30.

Visitors will be able to view animals at the Elephant Community Center, Small Mammal House, Reptile Discovery Center, and Great Ape House with their ticket.

They can also attend a dance party and 30 trick-or-treat stations around the Zoo.

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