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National Zoo Welcomes Baby Lesser Kudu, Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin 


The Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced the birth of two new lesser kudu calves and a golden-headed lion tamarin as the latest additions to its family.

Lesser kudu calves, one male and one female, were born at the National Zoo’s Cheetah Conservation Station, on February 21 and March 6, respectively.

Keepers at the Zoo named the male calf Zahi, which means “splendid” in Somali, and the other one, the first female lesser kudu born at the facility, has been named Jamilah, meaning “beautiful” in Somali.

Both newborns are healthy and strong, according to zoo veterinarians, who examined them the day after their births. 

The calves and their mothers can be viewed in their outdoor exhibit every morning, weather permitting. 

Lesser kudu are native to the arid and semi-arid areas of northeastern Africa, including parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. They have been listed among near-threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Currently, there are approximately 100,000 lesser kudu in the wild, and the number is decreasing because of habitat loss, hunting and disease. 

Another good news from the Zoo is the birth of a golden-headed lion tamarin at its Small Mammal House, the second time in six months keepers are celebrating such a birth. 

The four-year-old mother Lola gave birth to twin tamarins on March 10, but animal care staff failed to save one of them after it was found apart from its mother and sibling seven days later.

The surviving tamarin is the third baby for both Lola and eight-year-old male, Coco. Its siblings are now familiarizing themselves with the newborn. 

The species is native to the southern part of the state of Bahia, Brazil, and is listed as endangered. 

Visitors can see the golden-headed lion tamarin family at the Small Mammal House.

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