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Open Concept Kitchen Layout: Here Are Pros and Cons


With each passing day, the open concept kitchen layout is becoming a popular choice for kitchen remodels. You wonder why? For starters, it removes any barriers or walls and can make even the smallest space appear larger than life.

It enhances the traffic flow, and no one has to bump into one another to reach the next room. Cool, right? It also helps you bond more with your loved ones.

Similarly, you can prep meals in the kitchen while your kids are playing or doing their homework. You can even chat with your guests while preparing your delicious spread.

Though they are a popular style, you need to know the open concept kitchen’s pros and cons before you choose it for your kitchen remodel. So, let’s dive right into it.

Open Concept Kitchen: Pros

As for the pros, everyone can be heard and make their point while doing their respective chores. That’s not all; you don’t have to feel left out or blocked out from the conversation too.

With that, you also get a ton of light. So you do not need to worry about those long, dark wintery nights. There will be enough natural light to make your kitchen more inviting.

Similarly, with many windows and no walls blocking it, the ventilation is much better. You can have large gatherings without suffocating anyone in the dining room or even have guests sitting near the kitchen island.

On the other hand, an open concept kitchen is functional and practical too. You can get all your work done and keep an eye on your little ones all at once.

Open Concept Kitchen: Cons

In addition to these pros, there are several cons to an open kitchen. Let’s talk about cabinet space. This might be a nightmare if you already have a cramped room. Removing a wall means letting go of valuable wall space. Similarly, you can use it to accommodate a big pantry, appliances, sink, etc.

In fact, you have to be careful with the wall you want to remove. If it is a load-bearing wall, you can severely impact your roof, ceiling, and surrounding area. You should also be aware that doing this will cost a fortune.

Alternatively, closed kitchens do have an absolute sense of calm. It’s your room where you can cook and clean or have a glass of wine in peace. That’s not the case in an open concept kitchen.

Here, everything is happening in one big room just separated by furniture. So, it can be difficult to find some peace. Even the mess you or your kids create will be on display. This is perhaps the biggest con of choosing this kitchen design for many.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with Virginia Kitchen & Bath in Leesburg, VA.

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