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These DC Fitness Centers Are Best for Moms-To-Be


If you are expecting a baby in the next few months, you must have already started looking for prenatal exercise classes in town to stay your healthiest and fittest during this magical journey and beyond.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), exercise is just as important during pregnancy as any other time of life. Yet, moms-to-be should be extra careful as to which type of exercise they would take on, how often and for how long each time to avoid injuries and other unintended consequences.

The following shortlist is specifically designed to be a guide for expecting moms in Washington, D.C. With both on-site and virtual classes, the fitness centers it features are some of the best choices for moms-to-be in town.

Before exploring it, however, please first consult with your doctor to identify any personal needs you might have and make sure to let the physical trainer you will hire know those, as well.


With nearly two-dozen locations across the capital city, FIT4MOM is the most accessible of all good options in town. The chain business has its ad hoc Fit4Baby program for you.

Completely safe and appropriate for your changing body, this program combines elements of strength training and cardio with stretching/balancing exercises to reduce many maternal aches and pains while increasing your daily energy level.

Participants have also reported that they had an easier labor and postnatal recovery process as a result. With FIT4MOM’s help, pregnancy will prove the perfect time to commit to health for you, too.

The first class with them is a complimentary service so that you could give it a try first for free. Do it and see for yourself how personal their classes could be! It is the reason why many expectant moms return to join their postnatal classes, no matter how young their babies are.

BirthFit DC

However, if what you are looking for is more than a company, you can consider joining the BirthFit DC.

Defining itself rather as a movement, this personal improvement center for current and future moms actually build a supportive community for all its members. And in doing so, it goes beyond physical exercise by also incorporating nutrition, chiropractic and mindset education in its classes.

But don’t get it wrong, you will certainly work out, burn calories and get in the shape you want during pregnancy as a result. Get in contact with them now. You won’t regret it!

Fuse Pilates

How does combining best elements of classical Pilates, barre fitness and yoga in a single session of under one hour sound? Oh, I know you have already loved the idea and would like to explore the business that offers such a service. For that, you should contact Fuse to find the instructor of your choice.

They have a prenatal push prep class to specifically strengthen your abs and pelvic, regardless of which trimester you are in. However, the general recommendation is to take mat classes for the first few months and only then hop on a more-intense burner.

Circle Yoga

Yet if your body requires more yoga than anything else to help you cope with all the challenges of this particular time, your best course of action would be to explore Circle Yoga.

Both Stephanie and Elizabeth, instructors of the prenatal classes, are doing a wonderful job in accommodating different expectations while maintaining the fundamental instructions for all.

You can always take advantage of their special “3 for $33” offering. With that, you can get a full sense of what the classes include and how good they would be for your body in three separate classes. That’s 50 percent off the regular price for three drop-ins! And once you are sure that’s the place to be for you, go ahead and register online.

Yoga Works  

Somehow failed to hire Circle Yoga? You can take solace in the knowledge that there is an equally brilliant alternative: Yoga Works (previously Tranquil Space). They are broadcasting more than 100 live classes every day.

No matter which one you choose to tune in, what you will receive is a world-class prenatal yoga class. What this business does differently, however, is that it offers the entire first week of classes for free to let all aspiring yogis, pregnant or not, to have a perfect idea of what they will be paying for in the future.

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