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Tidal Basin in DC Could Be at Risk of Climate Crisis


The Tidal Basin, the partially man-made reservoir of the nation’s capital situated between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel, is suffering from the consequences of climate change, which may eventually lead to a crisis, EcoWatch reported.

Residents usually enjoy the sight of the Jefferson Memorial while walking along the Tidal Basin. However, its flooding becoming even worse during extreme weather due to climate change that causes warming and rising sea levels everywhere.

The Tidal Basin floods two times a day, blocking the walkway, and the land in the area is also sinking.

The Trust for the National Mall has been working on solutions to save the Tidal Basin’s future, in cooperation with five world-class architecture and landscape design firms.

Turning some of the pathways into bridges, making the Tidal Basin smaller and creating some new wetlands are among possible projects.

Speaking to EcoWatch, Teresa Durkin, executive vice president of the Trust, said:

“The whole entire National Mall sits in the 100-year flood plain, so it’s particularly vulnerable to all the challenges that we face.”

The three-year #SaveTheTidalBasin campaign run by the Trust for the National Mall aims to “re-imagine the future of the Tidal Basin with innovative and forward-thinking historic preservation solutions,” according to the Trust’s website.


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