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DC Court of Appeals Keeps Operating Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has announced that it is remaining open in the face of the novel coronavirus spread, but it will put a number of precautionary measures in place.

In a statement released on D.C. Courts’ website, all counsel and members of the public were encouraged “to increase their use of the court’s online services, such as e-filing and live-streaming oral arguments” in order to minimize the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Digital documents will no longer be required to be filed in paper copies for the time being.

All oral arguments will take place as scheduled, but they can be observed remotely via live audio and video streams over the court’s website.

“We encourage all visitors of the courthouse to take appropriate safety and health precautions and practice personal safety behaviors,” the statement said. “If you (a) have been diagnosed with COVID-19, (b) have had known contact with a person with the virus, (c) have been asked to self-quarantine, or (d) are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the courthouse to conduct business. Instead, please call the Clerk of the Court or the Public Office for assistance: (202) 879-2700.”

It is also noted that there will be a new update available on Monday, March 16, about further details on the top court’s coronavirus-related measures.


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