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Help Someone Get Vaccinated East of River, Win $51 VISA Gift Card


The District is now giving out gift cards to individuals who help a friend, family member, or a neighbor make a plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and accompany them to a vaccination site, beginning Tuesday, June 29.

Participants of the “vaccine buddy” program can receive a $51 VISA gift card (and can get up to 10 more of those — one gift card per unvaccinated DC resident they accompany to a vaccination site). The person receiving the vaccine shot will also win a VISA gift card of $51.

Both the unvaccinated person and the “vaccine buddy” must be 18 or older and have a state-issued ID.

There are three vaccination sites where the program takes place — the same sites hosting the “Take the Shot, DC” giveaway:

  • The RISE Demonstration Center at St. Elizabeths
  • Anacostia High School
  • Ron Brown High School

The initiative is part of the District’s efforts to increase vaccination rates east of the Anacostia River.

At the Take the Shot, DC giveaway sites, people who get their first shot and are at least 18 years old can also take part in a drawing to win:

  • A new car (one winner each week)
  • $10,000 for groceries, to cover approximately a year of free groceries (two winners each week)
  • A year of free Metro bus and train (multiple winners each week)

For further details on Take the Shot, DC, click here.

You can find a full schedule of the days and hours of the currently operating walk-up sites here.

Residents who are unable to leave home may call 1-855-363-0333 to schedule an appointment for a free at-home vaccination.

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