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DC Among Top Ten Healthiest Cities Around US, New Survey Reveals


Washington DC has been named the 10th healthiest city around the nation in a new survey released by WalletHub on Monday, April 4. 

In the study that ranked the overall healthiest places to live in the United States, 182 cities were compared across four key dimensions: health care, food, fitness and green spaces. 

With an overall score of 59.75, the District received high rankings in the categories of health care (ranked 16th), food (ranked seventh), and green spaces (ranked 13th). 

However, in the category of “highest average monthly cost of fitness club membership,” Washington DC was among the worst, sharing the 173rd spot with San Francisco, New York, and Juneau, AK. 

The top healthiest cities according to the WalletHub research are as follows:

1- San Francisco, CA 

2- Seattle, WA

3- San Diego, CA

4- Portland, OR

5- Salt Lake City, UT

6- Honolulu, HI

7- Austin, TX

8- Denver, CO

9- South Burlington, VT

10- Washington, DC

“The cost of care in the U.S. is rising and life expectancy has taken a huge hit during the pandemic,” said the study. “Plus, there are so many sources of health advice online that it can be difficult for a person to figure out what is legitimate and what is just a fad.”

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