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District Increases Minimum Wage Starting July 1


DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Wednesday, June 29 that the minimum wage in the District is increasing to $16.10 from $15.20 per hour effective July 1.

Tipped employees, who have been earning $5.05 so far, will be receiving $5.35 after the update.

The change came as part of the Fair Shot Minimum Wage Amendment of 2016, which was signed into law by Bowser six years ago with the goal of raising DC’s minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by 2020.

“We know that a strong economy and a strong workforce means having a strong, competitive minimum wage,” the mayor said in a press release. “We were proud to make DC a leader in the Fight for $15, and now we are proud to build on those efforts as our work continues to give all Washingtonians their fair shot.”

The increase happened due to provisions in the amendment based on the Consumer Price Index.   

“Washington’s employers are pivotal to our local economy and help make our city a great place to live and work. DC is open and our workers deserve a fair shot at economic prosperity,” Dr. Unique Morris-Hughes, Department of Employment Services Director, said about the move.

“We want to make sure all businesses are aware of the changes in the District’s minimum wage so they can stay compliant, and workers are paid what they earn,” she continued.

Employees may contact the Office of Wage-Hour Compliance by calling (202) 671-1880 or emailing if they have questions or complaints regarding wage theft and minimum wage.

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