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DC Moms Offer Self-care Kits for New Mothers


Two D.C. moms, Amelia Makin and Kiki Burger, support those who feel clueless about how to take care of themselves while they are preoccupied with their newborns via a “self-care kit” tailored for new mothers.

Founded in January 2019, Mor for Moms is based on the idea that expecting mothers typically get everything needed ready for the arrival of their babies, including “the hospital bag perfectly packed weeks in advance with items from a combination of lists, dogeared stacks of books, comfortable bedding and pajamas, the list goes on.”

“Flash-forward to our first day home with our babies,” the pair said on their website, “and while we had everything set for the little one, we didn’t have anything for our own recovery. And then we realized why everyone told you to ‘take everything you can from the hospital.”

They explained that the company aims to provide new moms with the medical products they need to take care of themselves in the first few days following childbirth.

Speaking to WUSA9, Makin said “You still leave the hospital with this sense of oh no now what?… We didn’t even realize how much we needed for ourselves to heal and to get better and how critical that is in those first couple of days.”

The self-care kit for new moms include eight supplies:

  • Maternity pads to be placed on underwear.
  • Ultra liners as a transition item for when the heavy maternity pad is no longer needed.
  • Cooling pads to keep you cool and comfortable, like a portable ice pack on top of your maternity/overnight pad.
  • Breast pads to prevent breast leaks from coming through your clothing.
  • Cleansing bottle to be filled with water for cleaning yourself up after using the restroom.
  • Ice pack to cool off and reduce swelling of your lady parts.
  • Mesh panties to keep extra large pads in place.
  • Nipple cream to use after nursing for cracked or uncomfortable nipples.

Makin and Burger offer the $75 kit free of charge for those who can’t afford it in partnership with Mary’s Center on Georgia Ave NW in D.C.

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