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Bathroom Ventilation: Why It Is Important and How You Can Improve It


Most people tend to keep bathroom ventilation as an afterthought when they are remodeling the bathroom. However, improving bathroom ventilation is an important aspect of the bathroom remodeling process and you should be treating it as such.

The Importance of Improving Bathroom Ventilation

Since your bathroom is the wettest room, it may attract mold, mildew, and other nasty microorganisms. This is because of the humidity present in a bathroom. Occasional drips, steamy showers, and faulty sinks can add up to the humidity. 

High humidity and moisture can cause major problems like chipped vanities, peeled wallpaper, pungent smell, and unknown scratches and spots. Luckily, you can control this resulting issue by properly ventilating your bathroom. 

Here are some ways you can mitigate the risk through new and improved bathroom ventilation. Start by choosing the right ventilation system. The most common one is using an exhaust fan. 

Use the Right Techniques and Tools

An exhaust fan is primarily the easiest way of improving bathroom ventilation. Two major things to keep in mind while buying a fan are Sones and CFMs. The lesser the sones, the quieter your fan. Alternatively, the larger the room, the more CFMs you need to vent the space properly.

With various designs and technologies available today, you can choose the features and tech you need. There are wall-mounted fans, ceiling fans, simple box fans, and more. 

In fact, each exhaust fan has a variety of features, too. Like humidity sensors, heat exchange function, decorative globe lights attached, and more. Do you have a busy schedule or just have kids to take care of? You can opt for humidity sensors that automatically turn on/off when there is high humidity. Convenient, right?

To get the perfect exhaust, all you need to do is measure your space accurately. If you have an old one in place, remove it and take it with you. Or measure the hole after removing it. 

Either way, it is best to replace the old one and install the new one in its place during your bathroom remodel. You won’t have to interfere with the wirings or call a contractor to get the job done. 

If you thought buying the fan was easy, removing and installing it isn’t much different. Read the instructions carefully before you proceed. Disconnect the power, connect the wires to the housing, and install the fan. Turn on the power to check the speed and flow. Adjust accordingly. 

Call Professionals

Calling a top-rated bathroom remodeling contractor near you might be a wise choice if you are a newbie or unfamiliar with such tasks. Make sure you include it in your remodel budget as labor tends to be the most expensive aspect of the bathroom remodel.

It is important to clean the vent and fan quarterly to maintain the flow. Keep the shower door and curtains open to let the air out. You will have a dry bathroom with no mold or mildew with proper ventilation.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with Mimosa Kitchen & Bath, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store located in Ellicott City, MD.

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