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Looking for Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas? Here Are Some of the Best


Are you thinking about a galley kitchen remodel? Galley kitchens have been around for centuries in the industry. Still, today, with incredible galley kitchen remodel ideas available, you can transform even the tiniest galley space into a functional and gorgeous one.

From hanging lights to ceiling-high cabinetry, dish racks and using vertical spaces efficiently, a galley kitchen can connect beautifully with the existing decor. Also, the cabinets and appliances face each other and require less movement to get tasks done. Awesome, right?

Plan the Layout

First things first, plan the layout for your kitchen to be functional and aesthetic. Make sure you get the kitchen’s work triangle in place. Place your appliances and cabinets on one side and the other, have enough counter space for your daily tasks.

Add Color and Light

Next, add some color and lights to open up space. Bright lights and color tones can create an illusion of height and space. Are you thinking of all-white cabinets? You are on the right track. You can also introduce darker hues as decor pieces or backsplash designs to make a statement.

Bring everything together with a strip of under-cabinet LED lights or hang a few pendant lights. In a small kitchen, you don’t have to be consistent with a particular lighting style. You can shuffle through different shapes and styles till you find the best possible option.

Add Some Storage

While lighting and color can only create an illusion, it’s best to invest in some smart storage solutions and choose the right cabinets while remodeling your kitchen. Pull-out spice racks, tray dividers, wire beverage racks, etc., will easily keep your galley kitchen organized.

You can also make your kitchen look Pinterest-worthy with matching glass canisters and stackable containers. Most galley kitchen remodel ideas rarely allow for space to add to a kitchen island. Instead, use a bar cart.

It’s functional and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Use each corner and existing wall-space efficiently as galley kitchens tend to be small and compact.

In fact, if you are a chef or an avid baker who loves to keep everything in close quarters, galley kitchens should be your top choice. You can stretch a limb and get what you are looking for without having to hunt each item.

Next time, if you want to craft a culinary masterpiece or just need a place to share a meal, the right choices can help you plan your kitchen remodel effectively.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with NV Kitchen & Bath, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store operating in Falls Church, VA; Sterling, VA and Jessup, MD.

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