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Best Design Ideas to Make Your Old Kitchen Look Modern


Every good thing deserves an upgrade every now and then; kitchens included. Many kitchens tend to have an old look especially if you live in an old home. Not only does the kitchen look old, but it also functions poorly.

Many design choices of old kitchens are not suited for the modern household. Old kitchens were designed to accommodate the needs of that time. Appliances are now larger than before and there are more of them. Old kitchen designs not only look dated, but they also become less functional.

In situations like these, a contemporary kitchen is a welcome addition to your house. Designing a modern kitchen comes with its tips and guidelines to help you get started. Here are some of the important ones to keep in mind.

What Defines a Contemporary Kitchen?

The name of the game with a contemporary kitchen is keeping things “minimal.” That being said, it doesn’t have to be minimal — It just has to look like it is. We don’t want you to compromise on storage or other critical functional aspects, but there is a way around it.

One of the changes you can make is to color it white. A white kitchen gets a minimal look and a cleaner aesthetic.

Natural light can open up space and makes any room look more spacious than it actually is. In modern homes, especially in cities, kitchens are quite small. “Minimal” and “small” are two different concepts. By accommodating your kitchen to let in as much light as possible, you are basically giving it a contemporary twist and helping it appear much larger.

Speaking of space, traditional kitchens used to be dedicated spaces. Due to lack of real estate, modern kitchens are more integrated. A contemporary kitchen is more than a kitchen. It acts as a social space, as well.

Take your breakfast counter as an example. It acts as a barrier between the kitchen and your living room. Instead of a barrier, it can act as something more transitional if you set up pub chairs or bar stools. Not only does it encourage interaction, but it also makes the kitchen and your home more of a social environment.

While older kitchens are characterized by cabinets, contemporary kitchens are characterized by the lack thereof. Open shelves serve two purposes, the first being storage. The second one is that they act like the decor in your kitchen and give it some character. You can create open shelves by simply removing the doors of your upper cabinets and open up your kitchen space with ease.


Contemporary kitchens are sleek, minimalistic, and elegant. A contemporary kitchen brings together functionality and design with an artistic flair. When it comes to designing the contemporary kitchen of your dreams, it is important to do what speaks to you.

Adhering to the mentioned characteristics of contemporary kitchen design and adding your spin to it will give you a kitchen where you will enjoy cooking and spending time with your family.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with Dulles Kitchen and Bath, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store in Fairfax, VA.

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