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Black Residents not Getting Share of DC’s Growing Prosperity: Census Data


The Census Bureau data on new income and poverty has revealed that many Black residents in DC find it difficult to make a living, unable to get their share of city’s rising prosperity even as many district residents benefit from the strong economy of DC, according to an analysis published in the DC Fiscal Policy Institute.

Following a 10-year-trend, the median household income in DC increased last year and is now $82,400, which shows that as more jobs are created and wages increase, many DC families are reaping the benefits and doing better.

However, it was found that the growing prosperity in the city is not equally shared by all DC residents. “While the median income for white households has increased significantly over the last decade, the median income for Black households hasn’t budged,” according to the analysis published in DC Fiscal Policy Institute, which shows that the Black median household income in DC, which is now around $42,000, is less than a third of the white median household income of $134,000.

“The lack of progress for Black households in a growing economy is a sign that the District is not doing enough to remove barriers to economic opportunity for Black residents, like hiring discrimination, under-funded schools, and insufficient affordable housing.”

Ed Lazere, the Executive Director of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, which conducts research on budget and tax issues in DC with a particular emphasis on issues that affect low and moderate-income residents, writes that more should be done to expand opportunities so that all DC residents can avail opportunities for a secure future.

“That includes things like ensuring that economic development leads to high-quality jobs that go to DC residents. It also will take increased investments in affordable housing so that households facing severe rent burden have greater stability and a safe place to live. And, increasing resources for schools will allow us to prepare all students for the successful future they deserve,” Lazere adds.

Over 40,000 DC Families Remain on Housing Waiting List

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