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Nearly Half of DC Gas Stations Still Running Dry as Colonial Restores Service


Around 47 percent of gas stations in the District are still out of fuel as of early Friday morning due to the ongoing impacts of the recent ransomware attack that targeted the Colonial Pipeline.

It is an improvement for the nation’s capital as the rate of the affected gas stations was reported as 70 percent Monday night, according to GasBuddy, a Boston-based company that operates apps based on collecting real-time fuel prices.

Neighboring states seemed to be doing better Friday, with 17 percent of Virginia’s gas pumps and 14 percent of Maryland’s running dry.

GasBuddy regularly updates crowdsourced data it gathers from app users on fuel outages per state stemming from May 7’s cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, which carries gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Texas through Virginia and Maryland to New Jersey.

Colonial was forced to shut down its network two weeks ago, after it was hit by DarkSide, a group of cyber criminals believed to be based in Russia. The group paralyzed the pipeline’s operations via ransomware, asking for a ransom payment to release a decryption key for the system to be restored.

Following a five-day shutdown, Colonial was able to return the network to its normal operations on May 12, but a number of states are still suffering gas shortages.

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