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Metro to Bring Back More 7000-Series Railcars After Inspection


Metro is planning to restore up to 20 of its 7000-series trains per day, which is expected to increase levels of Metrorail service, starting September 12. 

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) withdrew all of the 7000-series railcars from service in October 2021, following a derailment on the Blue Line.

This negatively affected the levels of service as the 7000-series trains make up approximately 60 percent of Metro’s railcar fleet.

The agency is currently permitted to put a maximum of eight trains back into service daily. But the limit is now going up after the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission approved Metro’s updated return to service plan.

“Our 7000-series trains are the newest and most reliable in Metro’s fleet, and they are key to providing the level of service our customers want and deserve,” Metro General Manager Randy Clarke said in a release.

“In my frequent conversations with Metro customers, I hear over and over that more frequent service and more 7000-series trains on the tracks are a top priority, and that’s what we’re working to deliver. We appreciate the partnership of WMSC in our shared efforts to improve service for the region,” he continued.

During thousands of inspections on more than 200 cars, no returned 7000-series trains have failed daily back-to-back measurements.

The 7000-series are nearly four times less likely to become disabled than older cars, according to WMATA.

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