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Metro Starts Bringing 7000-Series Trains Back to Service After Inspection


Metro began the restoration process of its 7000-series trains, putting the first railcar back on tracks last week.

In October, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) withdrew all 748 of its 7000-series railcars from service as the result of an inspection into the fleet’s wheel assembly following a derailment on the Blue Line.

The removal caused reduced levels of Metrorail service as the 7000-series trains constitute almost 60 percent of Metro’s railcar fleet.

Around half of these railcars will gradually return to service with the metered release of no more than 336 railcars, according to WMATA. With the move, an additional 42 trains will be put to service.

“From now until after the first of the year, customers may see some 7000- series railcars transition safely back to service,” Metro CEO Paul Wiedefeld said in a release on December 14. “This is part of the process that will enable Metro to announce a more definitive service plan after the first of the year. Until that time, the transition of the 7000-series railcars through the end of the year will allow us to improve reliability.”

Over a three-month period, Metro will be collecting data analysis and results from tests conducted on the trains that simulate passenger service before safely returning them to full service.

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