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Metro Police Sued for Tasing Man Multiple Times


A D.C. man has filed a lawsuit against Metro Transit Police officers after he was tasered repeatedly and falsely arrested last June.

The incident took place on June 22 at the U Street Metro station and was captured on cellphone camera by a Metro commuter. The video showing how the 29-year-old plaintiff, Tapiwa Musonza, was treated by Metro police officers on that evening, was widely shared on social media.

Officers are seen as they ask questions of two teenagers, and Musonza asking questions of the officers.

Then an officer pushes Musonza and uses a stun gun on his body while he was defending the teenagers detained by police and his hands were up. Musonza was later dragged to the ground by the officers and tased multiple times.

In his lawsuit, Musonza is accusing three officers of false arrest, excessive use of force, battery, and malicious prosecution.

“It’s a very traumatic experience for me,” he told News4, explaining that he was worried about the detained child.

Following his arrest, Musonza reportedly suffered from post-concussive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and some other health conditions that led him to drop out of school and stop working for his company.

“The brutal attack and arrest record on Mr. Musonza’s professional trajectory is substantial and permanent,” according to the lawsuit.

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