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New Political Art Gallery Opens in DC


The Center for Contemporary Political Art (CCPArt), which opened in D.C. on September 30, is holding its first art gallery exhibition exclusively devoted to political work. The exhibit is on till November 14.

The exhibition, “Defining: Change in the Age of Trump,” is showcasing 105 art works by 99 artists from across the country focusing on the Trump administration.

The exhibit includes a provocative piece “Taking a Hard Stance” made by American University student Bryan McGinnis. It shows photos of administration officials attached to hand-carved wooden dildos covered by condoms.

Artists from all 50 states and Puerto Rico were invited to submit original work “challenging the artists to respond with art as powerful as the times are dangerous, to help Americans understand what’s at stake—and why it’s their duty to vote—in the November 2018 midterm elections,” according to a statement on CCPArt website.

In just over a year, co-founders Charles Krause, a longtime foreign correspondent, and Robin Strongin, a public-affairs consultant, established the not for profit gallery where artists can bring and showcase their political works that may not find space in other traditional galleries and museums.

About 300 artists submitted more than 500 artworks for the exhibition.

CCPArt hopes that the Defining exhibition will lead to a redefinition of the role artists play in our society; identify the country’s leading practitioners of political art; and demonstrate why political art should be recognized as a valued genre of American art in the twenty-first century,” Krause and Strongin wrote in their opening statement.

They called CCPArt the nation’s first research institute and exhibition space “devoted exclusively to the study and strategic use of the Art of Civic Engagement.”  “The Center will provide a means for the nation’s artists to create and exhibit art that will enrage, engage, and better inform We The People about the most important and contentious issues facing the country today,” they added.

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