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Designing Your Master Bathroom for Maximum Storage


Your master bathroom is among the most important rooms in your home. For some, it is more than a utility. The master bathroom serves as a zen space and offers solitude. However, this sanctuary is often overburdened with storage problems.

By designing your master bathroom for maximum storage, you are not only utilizing it better but also giving it a new look by channeling best design practices. Confused? Don’t be. Here’s how you can design your master bathroom for maximum storage.

Utilize Unused Space

There are many spaces in your bathroom that are often left unused. For instance, if you have a floating vanity, there is so much you can do with the empty space below. A single shelf in the empty space can add considerable storage potential to your bathroom.

Classic Solutions

You don’t need modern solutions for old problems, sometimes classic solutions do the job. One such solution is to install medicine cabinets. These cabinets have been around for a reason. Now, just because they’re a classic it doesn’t mean they have to look old.

Many cabinets come in a modern design and suit any theme perfectly.

Extra-Long Vanity

What’s the easiest way to ensure you have storage? Add more of it. Your bathroom vanity is where you’ll keep most of your items. Installing an extra-long vanity does the job well.

Carve A Solution

For the times when you can’t install more storage options, there is still a way out. Most of the wall space in a bathroom is dead space. You can easily convert it into a storage space by carving out space. Alternatively, you can also carve a cubby in the shower area to store bath essentials.

Use A Dressing Room

For those of you who have extra space in their home, this one is a perfect choice. A dressing room that flows between the master bedroom and the master bathroom is an ideal storage option.

If you can’t dedicate a room, you can choose to add a small dressing nook.

Create Smart Spaces

More and more bathrooms are being designed as sanctuary zones with a sitting element or two. You can incorporate this style and use it for your storage needs, as well.

For instance, a bench in the bathroom can be converted into an ottoman-esque storage space to accommodate all your extra items.

Use Adjacent Shelving

There is nothing better than shelves when it comes to storage. If you have a bathtub or a free-standing tub, this is a good option. You can repurpose a bookcase or add open shelves to add extra storage in your master bathroom.


Your master bathroom is a labor of love. You would want to design it to be your ultimate source of zen and peace in your house while making it as functional as possible. While you are remodeling it, you need to talk to your contractor to consider storage as a critical player.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with Dulles Kitchen and Bath, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store in Fairfax, VA.

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