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Open Concept Kitchen: Pros and Cons You Need to Know Before Remodeling


The open concept kitchen remodel is gaining popularity among homeowners by the day. Before you ask why, let us explain. Open kitchens are great for so many social activities. For starters, they remove any barrier or wall between the living room and the kitchen, so even a cramped space appears larger than life.

In turn, it also enhances the traffic flow, and no one has to bump into another to reach the next room. Exciting, right? It also helps you add immense functionality to your entire workflow.

Imagine if you can prep while your kids are playing or doing their homework. You can even chat with your guests while preparing your delicious spread without feeling isolated from everyone in the living room.

As exciting as it may sound, there are several open concept kitchen pros and cons that you should consider before changing your kitchen layout.

Open Concept Kitchen: Pros

One of the biggest pros of an open concept kitchen remodel is that you do not feel left out from the rest of the house. Whether you are having a party or a quiet family night, you will be able to be part of the conversations while doing your chores.

Another major benefit is the abundance of natural light. The lack of wall blocking in the kitchen ensures that you get enough natural light.

Similarly, with many windows and no walls blocking it, the ventilation is smooth from one room to another. An open concept kitchen is functional and practical too. You can get all your work done and keep an eye on your little ones all at once.

Open Concept Kitchen: Cons

Along with pros, there are several cons to an open kitchen. Let’s talk about cabinet space. This might be a nightmare if you already have a small kitchen and you struggle with storage. Removing a wall means letting go of valuable wall space. Not just in terms of storage, you can use it to accommodate a big pantry, appliances, sink, etc.

In fact, you have to be careful with the wall you want to remove. If it is a load-bearing wall, the removal may severely impact your roof, ceiling, and the surrounding area. You should also be aware that doing this will add to your kitchen remodel costs as you will need to find a kitchen remodeling contractor near you to take down the wall.

While open-concept kitchens do have their benefits, closed kitchens also have an absolute sense of calm. It is your room where you can cook and clean or have a glass of wine in peace. That is obviously not the case in an open concept kitchen.

Here, everything is happening in one big room just separated by furniture. So, it is definitely not an option for everybody. The decision ultimately boils down to you and your preferences. We suggest not going with the trends, and doing what you feel most comfortable with. After all, a kitchen remodel is supposed to enhance the experience you have in a kitchen — make sure you tailor it to meet your needs.


*This article is posted by and in partnership with Virginia Kitchen & Bath, a one-stop kitchen and bathroom remodeling shop in Leesburg, VA, and Herndon, VA.

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