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Washington DC’s First Pet Cemetery Set to Open in June


Washington, D.C. will have its first cemetery for pets, the “Kingdom of Animals”, which is planned to be a part of the Historic Congressional Cemetery in Southeast.

The place will be open to all pets, ranging from birds to alligators, and it will cover around a third of an acre at the 35-acre cemetery.

Paul Williams, the president of Congressional Cemetery told DCist that there was so much interest in pet cemeteries from residents who need a place to put their urn of their pet so that they can visit and remember it.

“And there are none in D.C. It’s a nice service. It’ll be an option for people when they lose a pet instead of putting [the urn] on their shelf or in their closet,” Williams said.

According to Williams, there will be a particular place for K9 Corps dogs, a club of over 700 dogs and their owners, as the place used to host a special program for them that involved allowing hundreds of them to play freely in the field.

The new section is considered to be an extension of the cemetery’s popular members-only dog walking club. The members pay $235 a year, and $50 per dog, for their pets to move in the area off-leash.

The group is praised for reviving the cemetery, following its use for prostitution and drug abuse.

The prices for burying your pet will be ranging from $500 to $1,500. An entire site, including a flat marker with an engraved inscription, can be purchased for $1450.

The “Kingdom of Animals” is scheduled to open in late June, however, there is no certain date set yet.

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