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Best Kickboxing Classes in DC: Learn Self Defense, Blow Off Steam


If you are seeking a full-body workout that strengthens your muscles and improves your self defense skills, while helping you blow off some steam, kickboxing could be what you are looking for. And the nation’s capital has the perfect options to offer you. These are the best kickboxing classes in Washington DC.

Urban Boxing DC

Address: 1116 24th St NW, Washington DC 

Phone: (202) 621-8131 


Helping DC area residents get into shape since 2015, Urban Boxing DC has kickboxing classes for all fitness levels, which blend self defense with energy fitness in a motivating atmosphere. Bag work; core strengthening exercises; punch, kick, knee & elbow strikes; partner drills; and pad work are offered as part of the classes. Both individual training and group settings are available. 


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Address: 1722 I St NW, Washington DC

Phone: (202) 340-7790


The popular DC martial arts studio is a great spot for those looking to learn or improve boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga or MMA. While picking up the fundamentals of kickboxing and developing your striking skills, you will also be working on your general strength, cardiovascular endurance, and stamina. You may opt for one-on-one training or private group training, either in-person or online.


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BETA Academy

Address: 1353 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC   

Phone: (202) 538-0422


BETA Academy, also conveniently located in the District, specializes in Muay Thai kickboxing. Top-class instructors with world championship titles and international certificates equip practitioners with skills to use their “eight limbs” as weapons: their hands, elbows, knees, and shins. Training methods include hitting bags, shadow boxing, smashing mitts, and controlled technical sparring.

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